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Drawing, 3D Layout, Storyboard and Animatic production software tailored for the pre-production needs of a modern animation production studio.

Production-proven on many popular animated TV shows

Continuously working with studios to improve productivity.

3D Layout

Storyboard artists position assets and camera in 3D, then use these as a guide to draw over.

This minimises the risk of storyboards not working in 3D, and reduses layout work.

Pipeline Efficiency

Editors import the board panels and data to easily craft animatics, with text overlays already there.

Animators then import the information into Mya for automatic 3D layout creation.

Built For Artists

The tools have familiar interfaces using brushes artists will instantly feel at home with.

By focusin on drawing characters, time is spent storytelling not endlessly re-drawing words.

 “For me PanelForge has revolutionised pre-production, saving me time and stress in production. Leaving me with more time to be creative, and crucially the animators with clear and precise direction.”

– Adam Shaw, Series Director of Digby Dragon, Go Jetters (S2) & Tree-Fu-Tom

“We at Jellyfish have very successfully worked PanelForge into our Shotgun and Maya pipeline.  Being able to optimise sets, and pre-determine camera positions and camera moves at such an early stage makes for a more efficient and creative process. It provides our directors with the confidence that their creative vision is achievable as early as Storyboard.”

– Cate Elliott, Director of Production, Jellyfish Pictures

Previsualise exactly how each shot will work, to flag up issues early

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Comparison of PanelForge Animatic / Layout / Final Render

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